Avenue Living Lease Agreement

In the event of a discrepancy between the information on www.avenueliving.ca and any other form of the site, printed, electronically or in the meantime, the information takes precedence over www.avenueliving.ca when it is the most correct and up-to-date. The information contained on the site concerning the rental of residential units is subject in its entirety to the conditions of the lease concluded between avenue living and its customers. In the event of a contradiction between the information contained on this site and an executed lease, the conditions of the rental contract take precedence. Do you want to take care of the incidental costs yourself? Please inform your leasing specialist. I feel bad for you I had a very similar experience with the life of Avenue a few years ago. I could not be compensated for my belongings. This site contains the name and trademarks of avenue living. Nothing on this site should be construed in such a way that it grants any license or right to use trademarks without the express written permission of avenue living. Unauthorized use of this site and/or the materials contained therein is prohibited unless otherwise stated. All requests, requests or requests for information are made available to the corresponding business unit within the avenue living group. I was in an apartment on Living Avenue. I also broke my lease very early. There were small problems to start with, things that needed to be repaired, that were never repaired (outdoor car socket in winter, toilets, heating problems), and then it got out of hand.

I rented avenue living for a little less than a year and a half. My experience was pretty much the same as everyone else`s. Cockroach-infested apartment, sparkling maintenance, questionable accounting, belligerent meth-addicted neighbor who broke down my door at 3 a.m. Etcetera etcetera. That said, if someone feels better, I`ve managed to not pay the rent twice and pay only half of my rent several times. Because of their dubious accounting, they never imposed themselves. When I changed buildings because of the meth-addicted incident, I had to terminate a new lease. It worked in my favor because they returned my bail, but it was transferred somehow to the new lease, because they never asked for it, and when I moved 6 months later, when my lease expired, I got my bond back, haha.

I suggest to the operation not to pay them. One day, they will give up or forget. Avenue Living Communities offered hard-working people on the prairies apartments to rent at a special price. These were available for nurses, veterans, law enforcement and protection personnel, students and the elderly. . . .