Agreement Dalam Bisnis Adalah

For those of you who want to help develop small and medium-sized businesses in Indonesia, Akseleran`s P2P Lending is the place to be. As an optimal fund development platform with interest rates of up to 21% per year, you can start with only Rp100 thousand. The main goal of start-ups is to market creations based on original ideas and creativity. Especially in the relationship between the lawyer-client and other legal matters. This agreement is important to prevent the recipient of the information or other parties from stealing or using your business ideas. If you wish to create a confidentiality agreement, you must respect the rights and obligations of the recipient of confidential information, the exclusion of confidentiality (z.B. publicly known information), the period of validity of this Agreement, restrictions on the use of the information, certain conditions that may lead to the transmission of confidential information to third parties and the consequences of the transmission of confidential information to other parties. Article 1(1) of the Trade Secrets Act mentions information in the field of technology and/or business and is not known to the public. The information in question also has economic value, is useful for business activities and is treated confidentially by the owner of the information. Laws and regulations on the NDA are regulated by the state in the Trade Secrets Act No. 30 of 2000. There are 19 articles that govern different cases concerning trade secrets.

These provisions are important because it is the worker himself who is in direct contact with the product or service marketed by the company, namely the subject of intellectual property rights within the company itself. It is not uncommon for products or services to be imitated due to trade secrets passed on by an employee of one company to another. Given the core of start-ups strongly linked to the originality of ideas and intellectual property rights, this agreement is increasingly important among start-ups. When you and your co-founders start focusing on developing ideas by developing a product or platform, it`s important that you care about intellectual property rights (IPR), the result of thinking that produces a product or process that is useful to humans. For example, in the information technology and application industry. Knowing the importance of cooperation agreements in the economy, a businessman must understand what are the main conditions to be met when establishing a commercial cooperation contract. In Article 1320 of the Civil Code (KHUPer), four conditions must be fulfilled by an economic operator before concluding a commercial cooperation agreement. Here are four conditions: the agreement must also govern the rights and obligations of all parties involved. The fundamental principle of the importance of agreements in the economy are agreements that must be balanced, which means that no party is higher and more powerful than the other party. Fundamentals of the importance of economic and cooperation agreements This agreement becomes an important thing that you should think about before working with other potential creators. Where you can write clearly in this agreement about the responsibilities of each founder..