Hire Purchase Agreement For Keke Napep

The sooner you break, the more established you are in business. That`s why so many rental-sale contractors go for fair use so that they can quickly recoup their investment with profits. The driver should be able to pay 10% for the first payment. There are many names given to Keke, like Keke Maruwa, Keke napep, Trycycle etc. Always check your keke to determine the extent of the damage or the level of maintenance. Hire a manager. You can use the president of the subsidiary who will be the keke as your manager. You are used to the business and you will manage it successfully. Hey, Eno. Abadie? I want to get started.

But it is someone who wants to buy me 2 or 3 tricycles to run and pay back his money with interest within a specified time frame. Now I don`t know how to take advantage of the three parties involved (i.e.dem the lenders, me and the drivers). Keke used fairly is N400,000, including all license plates and registrations. Should I give it away for a higher purchase? Or just daily returns? At what cost? N1.1m for a higher purchase or N2.500 for daily returns? I am puzzled as to what to do. If he buys two, how am I going to handle it? This allows me to repay with interest those who have given me the money and who earn a few dollars myself over a period of a year or something like that. Then the tricycles become mine. Please, can you use your experience and know-how in this regard to solve this puzzle for me? Thanks if you want to know where they buy first class cookies and you`re not sure of their location then you`ll find the ones that sell brand new first. Tell them that you only have money for fair use, they will give you instructions where you will have a good one. Buying Mietkeke pays off if you have a regular driver. Ask a lawyer to develop a contract form for you. The driver must provide no less than 2 quarerres before accepting the person. His address must be traceable.

Instal Tracker in the keke. With a fairly used keke, you can even break quickly, but buyers don`t use it fairly. That`s because it won`t be long, like the brand new ones and for something that becomes theirs, they go instead for Keke`s tear gas. The discouraging side of this business is that keke parts do not need cars and other engine equipment. Each piece of Keke is fully purchased, which is why its engine costs between #100,000-#150,000. Dodgy and inexperienced drivers are also a big challenge for business. As this is a lease-sale, the person who hires it assumes responsibility for the maintenance contained in the agreement. Hello@Jaaper Adopted, You told the driver that the amount you will give for the rental-sale is 100k, the driver will drop 10k of the amount to show the commitment, then the remaining amount will be read according to the number of months you have agreed for the final payment before the keke will be the key to success in the keke rental business, that is to get a good keke, because a bad keke will bring little profit if ever. An average keke driver will earn at least #6,000-#8,000 per day. Each week, the driver returns 18k-20k to the owner of the asset for used cookies. The weekly account is between #25,000 and #30,000 for new ones.

If you have up to 3 keke tricycke in a year, you would have saved 1m stress-free. Some people say that married keke buyers/drivers complain a lot because of the responsibility in front of them and should be avoided. Enthusiastic young men who are just beginning their lives or living with their parents are considered the best because of their low responsibility. Buy from a dealer who has a shop and lots of keke to choose from. Every state has keke merchants. In Akwa Ibom, you`ll find them on Aka Road. Abuja has different places to buy Keke napep and Lagos has lots of places too. Install tracker on your nape keke to monitor movement and know where it is at a specific time. The keke rental business is profitable, like any other higher buying business.