Dod Data Exchange Agreement

c. The choice of a project implementation vehicle must also be considered. In most cases, the Department of Defence has no preference as to whether production is carried out under a government or commercial program. In some cases, it may be in the interest of the United States to negotiate and conclude an international agreement or an offer and acceptance to support a commercial or pro-government project. Factors that may justify such an agreement include: (1) The draft agreement must be carefully considered to ensure that the U.S. negotiating team ensures that the security and technological control guidelines in the approved RAN package and the TA/CP. sticks to it. Co-production and licensed production were introduced in Chapter 2. Co-production or licensed production can be organized by a government-to-government agreement, a commercial production licensing agreement or both. In any case, the foreigner receives not only the defence article and its “onboard” technology, but also certain know-how or manufacturing technology.

This can range from the simple assembly of finished components and some locally produced parts (i.e. “Build to Print”) to a major manufacturing effort requiring the transmission of manufacturing data in the United States. Therefore, proposed co-production or licensed production agreements should be subject to a thorough review during the process leading to a decision on the verification of the nature and sensitivity of the technical data to be published in the United States. one. Any agreement with one or more foreign governments (including their political agencies, instruments or sub-divisions) or with an international organization, any oral agreement that meets the criteria set out in paragraph 1.a. (7) There are no security agreements with other governments, existing agreements may not apply or are not sufficient. 2. This chapter does not address the effects of international agreements, unless they relate to information security, disclosure abroad and technology transfer. For an in-depth understanding of international agreements on cooperative research and development programs, see DoD 5530.3 and the DoD International Agreement Generator computer software program, which is maintained by the Navy International Programs Office.